Supporting the Community: Anthony Cooley

Anthony Cooley is a 34 year old freelance writer and illustrator from Derry, he also works as a personal trainer in Belfast. He started working freelance after graduating from University of Ulster’s Magee Campus with a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration in 2008. Anthony has recently released a book to raise money for the NSPCC : ‘A World Outside My Window’ which uses beautiful illustrations alongside the story of Charlie, a little boy who is stuck at home and uses the power of his own imagination to visit all the places that he can’t go physically. Anthony spoke to The Jumble Magazine about ‘A World Outside My Window’ :

Like most , I have suddenly got extra time on my hands. I had seen all the amazing stories in the media of people doing incredible feats to raise money for different causes and it made me think,  what can I do to make a difference?’ 

“It’s a simple book with some lovely illustrations. It’s not just about coronavirus specifically, I wanted the book to apply to any kid who is stuck at home for whatever reason, be it because of lockdown or because they are ill. I have lots of nephews and nieces who are stuck at home. I took inspiration from how they were finding the lock down; how difficult it was keeping themselves occupied during this time. Children are missing school and their friends, and being able to go outside and play, as well as their relatives. This is something I touch on in the book.

I’ve also seen the current campaign on TV for the NSPCC’s Childline charity. They stated that the amount of calls they have seen from vulnerable children since the lock down began has dramatically risen. So I felt compelled to make the book in aid of those kids. I have been in touch with the charity about the campaign and they are delighted to see it.” 

Trailer for ‘A World Outside My Window’

The campaign has already surpassed the original goal of £500, but every donation counts to help support vulnerable children. Every person who makes a donation of £5 or more will receive a free digital copy of the book. Anthony will send a code to those who donate over £5 to download the book from iBooks. Android users can also receive a code to download the book from Anthony after donation, or they can buy it directly from the Amazon Kindle store.

You can support Anthony’s campaign by making a donation here or by buying the book on the Kindle store

Anthony’s previous children’s book ‘Who Lives On The Moon?’ is also available on etsy (note: this book is an older release and is not related to the NSPCC Campaign)

Photos provided by Anthony Cooley


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