Local Music: Aeons

Aeons are a funk rock band from Bangor made up of Erin, Luke, Jamie, Jack, and Aidan. They describe their music as ‘Funk rhythm and groove, infused with no frills rock and roll’. Here’s what they had to say to The Jumble Magazine about their music and the lock down.  

We all have a real passion for rhythm and music. We are constantly trying to express ourselves through our music as much as possible. We hope this is not only something that the listener can relate to, but can also have them dancing around their house. 

I think collectively, for us so far our favourite track we have made would have to be ‘Smile’ . It has melody, feeling, and groove with a real heavy ending. It’s the best of both worlds as regards to our individual influences. And the good news is, it’ll be on all streaming platforms in the not so distant future!

Our music would be for those who are fans of funk rock and soul. As individuals, most of us are deeply rooted within our own funk rock and metal influences. However, Luke would bring an additional balance of soul music to the mix. A vulfpeck/misch dimension to the sound. So for anyone who likes Red Hot Chill Peppers or Rage Against The Machine, as well as the funky funk, you might like our stuff too! 

I think the whole lock down due to COVID-19 will have a much deeper impact on our local scene than people realise. It’s as if we’ve ran into a brick wall as soon as the scene was starting to boom again! Sadly, this pandemic could result in us never stepping foot in some of our favourite local venues again, considering so many of them are struggling. At the least it won’t be for a long time. It seemed as if before this, every band was hitting the ground running. Full of passion and producing some of the best music the country has ever seen. However, since the lock down it’s as if we’ve lost some momentum. It hit us hard personally as we were due to release and EP with plans for an Empire launch. Now, it doesn’t look like we’ll be hitting the stage anytime soon. We’re trying not to let this break our motivation, as we plan to move forward in the post-pandemic music scene.

You can check out Aeons on Instagram, Facebook, and Spotify


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