Filmmaker : Dáire Carson

Dáire Carson is a filmmaker and visual artist from Belfast. Dáire is currently in Belfast as well studying at the Plymouth College of Art. Dáire spoke to The Jumble Magazine about filmmaking, inspiration, and the lock down. His short film ‘Super 8mm Experimentation’ is also available to watch below.

Super 8mm Experimentation is piece exploring the relationship between the natural and man-made world of Plymouth, both are so important to the city. I wanted it to be meditative using a drone to lure the viewer into the beauty the city has to offer in its contrasting locations.

My film-making tends to lean towards a more poetic style, I am always trying to provoke emotions through imagery, usually focusing on themes like nostalgia, human connection and loneliness.

I like telling peoples stories, especially the small ones that people think don’t matter , they are usually the most personal and warm”

I’ve been exploring these small stories a lot in my ongoing series of moving image portraits. 

Its cliche to say but I am inspired by everything in my environment, dust hanging in a sunbeam, grass moving in the wind, the music I’m listening to and the films I’m watching. Listening to people talk as well, film-making is all about telling a story, so I love hearing the stories everyone has to offer.

As for the lock down, this whole situation has had a dramatic effect on my filmmaking. I was near the end of pre-production for my next project, the script was written and actors were ready to go. It was my first queer-centric film and as a queer filmmaker, I was so excited to put it out in the world. I lost inspiration and effort for a while but adapting is so important in the creative process! I started experimenting with the camera again using household items to create photography and short films as well as writing poetry when it wasn’t an option to use the camera. 

You can watch Dáire’s other film’s on Vimeo

You can keep up to date with Dáire’s work on Instagram and also his website


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