Artist Profile : Megan Kerr

‘Warped Perspective’ oil on circular canvas

Megan Kerr is an artist based in Tyrone. Megan is also a graduate from Ulster University, Belfast with a BA(Hons) Fine Art (specialising in painting) and has recently completed an Art and Design PGCE in Ulster University in Coleraine. The Jumble Magazine spoke to Megan about art, inspiration, and the lock down. 

How would you describe your art?

While I studied painting in University I found that my art practice branched out; I love exploring a range of media including weaving and illustration. 

What inspires you to create?

“My art, in its many forms, explores the subconscious mind, expressing emotion and experience through layers of colour and mark-making in a process driven practice.”

My practice is very much a journey of personal investigation. I use my work to articulate what I cannot always express through words, it is almost like a form of therapy. The surrounding rural countryside in which I live also feeds into my work.  

How has lock down impacted your art and your ability to create? 

Thankfully, I have a small studio space in my garden so I can work from home.  During this isolation I have been given the time and space to think and create with a fresh perspective. I have taken a slight turn in my practice and have begun to create quite colourful, vibrant works inspired by my surrounding views.  These paintings are almost a form of escapism from the craziness and uncertain circumstances surrounding COVID-19.  This strange period of isolation has in ways benefited me creatively as I am quite introverted. My creativity thrives in the stillness and quietness of my surroundings.  

Some of Megan’s work, including Gouache and oil paintings, work with charcoal and ink, and a woven wall hanging.

You can keep up to date with Megan’s art on Instagram and Facebook

Megan also has a website :


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