New Logo : Rebecca Hughes

The Jumble Magazine’s new logo, designed by Rebecca Hughes

If you haven’t noticed, The Jumble Magazine recently got a shiny new logo, it was designed by the wonderful Rebecca Hughes (@pot0fjelly). Here is what Rebecca about her graphic design work and the inspiration behind it :

“I work as a Junior Graphic Designer , when I’m not working, I enjoy going on road trips with my boyfriend and dog, Murphy. I love exploring this wee island. There are so many beautiful walks, mountains, beaches and camping spots to see.

 I would describe my art as quirky, wholesome fun

I am inspired to create by absolutely EVERYTHING. Often, little things people say to me throughout the day act as inspiration points to make something. Inspiration can come from something as random as the colours in a meal I’ve eaten that day. Everything is inspiring if you treat it the right way. These inspiration’s make my work personal, the resources I use to create come from my own thoughts and feelings, photographs I have personally taken, or even lyrics that I love. 

As for the Lock down, I’m still working through it, so thankfully I haven’t hit any creative blocks. Continuing to work allows me to constantly stretch my mind creatively. I must say though, lock down definitely was something I was previously anxious about as I was worried it’d make me feel stumped for design ideas and letting my creativity flow.”

Some of Rebecca’s work , showcasing her fantastic abilities for poster work, mixed-media pieces, digital artwork, and of course, her love of noodles.

You can keep up with Rebecca’s artwork on Instagram and you can purchase cards Rebecca has created at


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