Artist Profile : Duibheasa Ní Dhomhnaill

Duibheasa Ní Dhomhnaill is a multidisciplinary artist and designer. They are currently in their final year of studying textile art design and fashion, specialising in fashion and minoring in printed textiles. Duibheasa spoke to The Jumble about their artwork and the lock down’s impact on it. 

How would you describe your work?

I often describe my art as a ‘mess’ as I try to do so many different things in a myriad of ways which can be difficult to describe as anything other than that.

What inspires you to create? 

My art is inspired and influenced by my feelings, identity, and opinions. My final year work for university was based on my personal idea of horror, I centred the project on the feeling of being watched and stared at, the idea of feeling like a freak. I see my work as a mix of concepts and aesthetics.

What makes your art ‘yours’?

A lot of my work is centred around my feelings; I use art to express them and work through them so the work is obviously very personal to me. My experiences and opinions impact my art greatly. I think what makes my art ‘mine’ is that it is often how it reflects my own life, even if others don’t realise, and I try to make my own personal aesthetic.

What impact has the lock down had on you and your work? 

The lock down has greatly impacted my degree and my ability to finish the work I had been doing. My course has effectively finished, I haven’t got access to most of the equipment I need and may never finish my final collection because of this. Our graduation is probably not going to happen, and everything has become hectic. I haven’t done much through the lock down because it’s impacted my mental health so negatively and I haven’t felt up to creating a whole lot, but more recently I have been starting to get back into it all. I’m trying to improve my digital art skills because I can’t print or pattern cut in my apartment. There’s a chance that I could be absolutely covered in hand poked tattoos by the end of this lock down if I let myself. 

You can keep up with Duibheasa’s work on Instagram.


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