Local Music : A.N.J.A

A.N.J.A is a singer/songwriter solo artist who plays dark psychedelic folk. A.N.J.A spoke to The Jumble Magazine about music and the impact of the lock down :

I started making music when I moved to Belfast three years ago and have been A.N.J.A. for a year now. My music is a weird and wonderful mix of 60’s psychedelic music and witchy folk with gothic themes and powerful vocals.

I am inspired by old folklore tales, crime magazines and interesting conversations with people about love and philosophy. Other inspirations come from folk and rock artists like Vashti Bunyan, Iron & Wine, Albus Harding, Alela Diane and generally groovy 60s psychedelic rock music.

The Covid-19 lockdown has affected my music career massively. As a full time-musician I am not only writing and producing my own songs but I am usually also gigging in bars and busking in the busy streets of Belfast several times a week. Through the lockdown I lost all my work as well as plenty of great original gigs I had lined-up for spring and summer. That’s such a shame because I am currently trying to connect with people and get my music out there and what better way to do this than through wonderful, intimate live shows!

My favourite piece of music I have made to date is called ‘Between The Midnight Trees’, an enchanted wee tune off my debut EP which will be released this summer.

If you want to get into my music, I recommend starting with ‘Black River Falls’ and  the track that I am releasing next Friday (24th of April) : ‘Deadly Fallen For You (And the Devil Knows)’ It’s the first track from my debut EP , it’s a song about obsessive jealousy. To celebrate its release I will be hosting an online gig live on my instagram , it’s on the 24th and it starts at 7pm.

You can keep up with A.N.J.A’s music here :



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