Local Music : Gary Duffy

Gary Duffy is a solo singer from Belfast who’s new single ‘Did You Ever Really Love Me?” is a smooth heartfelt pop ballad, here’s what he had to say to The Jumble about his music and the impact that the lock down is having on his career :  

‘I have recorded music for years and I performed in clubs and pubs, but recently  I have started recording my own material. I would describe myself as a Belfast boy with the voice, tone and lyrics to make people feel what I sing. 

Currently heartbreak is inspiring me to make music along with moving on with life. I feel like it’s those life experiences that help me to make great, truthful songs. 

My favourite piece of music that I have made is 100% my debut single ‘Did You Ever Really Love Me?’ This is the first original song that I have released, and I think it’s a good place to start to get a feel for my music (if you love it you can also leave it on repeat)

Covid-19 and the respective lockdown is getting me down as I was supposed to have my launch night two weeks ago but had to reschedule. However,  I have started working on my second single whilst I’ve been in isolation. The music is finished and I have started to write the lyrics which is very exciting. I’d describe that song as more of an upbeat summer anthem. 

I will be doing a launch night for my single when quarantine is over. It will be happening on The Rooftop Bar in The Union Street Bar Belfast. Keep an eye on my social media once it is scheduled for a set date. 

You can keep up to date with Gary’s music here 




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