Until Tomorrow

Photo by Sam Dineen

By Lauren Kerr

I have never paid much attention to walls. (Have you?) I am today. Paying attention to walls, more specifically my own walls. Can’t look at anybody else’s. Too dangerous. In this climate. Walls don’t mean much because walls are always changing, (how many times have you changed your walls?) we paint them and we paper them and we put pictures on them and we take pictures down and sometimes when we are sad we maybe punch them. (Have you ever punched a wall?) Hurts like a bitch. Walls are useful I guess but sometimes pointless too. (Do you ever feel useful but sometimes pointless too?) I hope you don’t but what do know is walls are sort of just there. There are some important walls I read about before like the Berlin Wall. (Have you heard of the Berlin Wall?) Well even it changed lots of times and it was even pulled down. Right, pulled down by hand! I can’t imagine pulling a wall down by hand. You can see the Great Wall of China from space which is pretty cool but how many people even go to space? Plus how do they know it’s definitely it, what if it is just a glitch in their vision and they have mistaken it and attached all this responsibility to it? I think next time I am on internet I will have to look more into this because sometimes people lie. I have just noticed my walls as of recently as today I am paying attention to them and just as I did I noticed that my coffee has gone cold. Some people like cold coffee, (do you like cold coffee?) There are times when I have liked cold coffee but this time is not one of those times as the coffee has developed skin on it. It is floating at the top. It is not nice to look at it as it sort of ebbs and it is not a natural ebb in fact it kind of looks like sperm. I think I will pour it out the window. I think if I have another I will take it black. To save milk and also to save us both the embarrassment of the skin floating on top. Calendars are something that people keep on their walls. (Do you have a calendar on your wall?) I used to. People are counting down days like it’s something new. But people always knew what day it was. Hence the calendars. If they didn’t how would they know when to go to work? I had a job before (they sacked me due to the climate) … have you ever been sacked due to the climate? I wish I could remember the walls from that job. I don’t know what they look like but I can hear the rats. It would be like a scratching noise. When I was younger I used to scratch wallpaper off with my finger nails if I couldn’t sleep. It sounded like that. Only more intrusive. Right I didn’t mind the rats being in the walls. I minded them telling me they were. Does anybody like rats? I always thought people that say they did were just pretenders. They can’t even get their own walls, I suppose it’s sad, everyone should have their own walls. Sometimes when I play supermario, (have you ever played mario?) there are levels where the walls start closing in and little mario has to manically jump up to get out but sometimes I’m not all that good and mario gets squashed.
Until Tomorrow. B x


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