Isolation in Eight Stills

By Megan Hopkin

The world has never been so still. I sit in my back garden for a cup of tea, and the usual hustle and bustle of a neighbourhood is, well, gone. And everyone’s backyard is the same. It’s scary, it’s overwhelming, it’s … oddly peaceful. Here, I have tried to compile a few pictures to symbolise the situation as succinctly as I can.
The medium of photography is amazing for charting this experience, because for once, the pause captured in a photograph continues past a shutter lens’ snap. The quiet is captured entirely in the silence of a picture frame. For once, our photographs capture the entirety of human experience – deafening silence, emptiness, and a lack of human touch.
In the following images, I’ve tried to include the theme of isolation in obvious means – there’s a lot of lonely figures, yet not all of them are sad. In fact, that’s for the eye of the beholder to interject – we see what we ourselves feel. I’ve also included images that perhaps suggest the effect on the psyche due to isolation. In all, however, I have tried to include the vibrancy of our surroundings with colour and crispness. It’s important to notice the simple beauty around us when the world around is so big and so burdened.
Hopefully this kills some time for anyone stuck for things to look at. I encourage everyone to document, however they can, what is happening; things that make you happy; things that trouble you, ANYTHING. This is history, and we are the ones contributing.


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