Local Music : Lonely Astronauts

Back in 2018, Matt Toner (Central Cities) and Scott Hunter (The Dirty Vultures) organised a reunion of sorts, having previously met at a gig they both played a few years prior. Lead guitarist Ruan McCready had just arrived back in Belfast around the same time and was invited to join them – bringing a saxophone to their first practice.
They played their first gig as Lonely Astronauts in May 2018 – minus the saxophone – and released their first single exactly one year later – coincidentally sharing the release date with National Astronaut Day. Their debut EP ‘Test Launch’ was released on 26th July, 2019, with new single “Balboa” dropping today , the 19th March, 2020.

Our music in one sentence:

Straightforward rock ‘n’ roll.

What inspires us to make music? 

The chances of it even happening in the first place, and having the opportunity to just get the three of us in a room creating music.

Our favourite piece of music:

We all have different favourites, but Ruan’s solo towards the end of “Balboa” is definitely a joint go-to. That said, we have lots of new stuff brewing that we’re looking forward to putting out there.

What should readers start with? 

Our 4-track EP “Test Launch” is available on most streaming platforms right now – apart from that though, we have a few live videos on our YouTube if so inclined.

New releases / events: 

Our new single “Balboa” drops today, although with all the COVID-19 shenanigans, the launch party at Voodoo has been rescheduled, so it’s just a wait-and-see game for now, but we will definitely announce a new show as soon as we can.

Listen to Lonely Astronauts new single here

You can keep up to date with Lonely Astronauts here :






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