Artist Profile : Wheelie Campbell

My name is Wheelie Campbell, I’m a first year music HND student and I work in a restaurant 

How would I describe my art in one sentence? :

Cathartic, I paint to release emotion.

What inspires me to create? : 

Whenever my mental illness is taking its toll, turning to constructive vices help me a lot. Creating visual art is one of the many ways I deal with my depression; by creating nice, simple landscapes and colour studies I’m able to escape my head for a little while. 

What makes my art personal? :

I paint solely for enjoyment. I’m not trying to create a masterpiece, rather to distract myself. I enjoy giving my art away because it helps me knowing somebody is getting a calm feeling looking at something I created while in agony. I guess what makes it personal is that I’m painting without much interest in the final product regarding my technique, rather focusing on the process itself and trying many different ideas at once.

You can find more of Wheelie’s art on Instagram @Wheelie_sad


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