Local Music : Blurred Reality

Blurred Reality are a 3-piece metal band from County Armagh, Northern Ireland. A group of 3 friends who have got together over their similar taste and love for making music. With influences coming from a range of genres from Metal to Jazz. Our goal is to not only bring our sound and performance to the masses, but to also bring the music of those around us to the same place. We plan to bring our music, and bring it hard!

Our music in once sentence :

Riffs for days, played in different ways.

What inspires us to make music :

Honestly, the thought of seeing people feel inspired about music the same way we do when we listen to our favourite artists. That feeling of inspiration that allows someone else to create something amazing. Being able to see our ability and audience grow over time and expand every day, with every song. We find inspiration through giving inspiration.

Our favourite song :

The three of us would all give the same answer. A little song we have called The End of Attrition. It was the first song we all wrote as a group, not long after forming, and to this day still seems unbeatable. Maybe that’s due to the connection we all have with the song with it being our first. Either way, it’s always the song that finishes our set and it’s always a song that is so much fun to play. It gives us a particular kind of energy that is unlike any other song.

We have heavy plans for our online presence, and with the way the world is looking recently with the current lock down, we are going to be pumping out a lot of content, so I urge you to follow our YouTube Channel for any updates.

Follow Blurred Reality here :






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