Artist Profile: Strawdairy

Oliwia Widuto @strawdairy

My name is Oliwia and I run a tiny but hella sustainable fashion project called Strawdairy. Currently we specialise in reusable make-up wipes, handmade in Northern Ireland. 

I’ve always loved clothes, but being a 5”2 wonder I could rarely find things which fit. I spent a lot of time wandering from shop to shop, browsing poor quality clothes… yet as soon as I found something which peaked my interest – gave me that Ratatouille connoisseur scene moment – the price was much more than I could afford on my 4 hour retail contract. Naturally I asked for an increase in working hours. 

While I was adjusting clothes on hangers, the people making them were being subjected to working 12 hours+ with no ventilation and toxic substances in buildings 1 short circuit away from going up in flames. 

300,000 tonnes of those same clothes ended up in landfill that year

It only took about 3 months of 20-hour weeks until I gazed up at the starry North Coast sky, and the stars spelled out… “fast fashion fucking sucks!!!!!!!”. 

I got a sewing machine, flew in my granny and had Strawdairy up and running within a couple months. I used old bed-sheets, things I picked up in charity shops, my friends’ and family’s unloved clothes. I used everything I could think of which allowed me to opt out of putting lives & our environment at risk. 

But why should I be the only one? 

A year on, I started working at @fabricyard as a Digital Content Creator and agreed with my boss that we would use our platform to teach the Insta-masses how to sew. I did this once a week for just under 2 years, building up a pretty good portfolio which remains in their story highlights – what are you waiting for? 

It was at Fab-Yard that I learned the power of plant based fabric, falling even deeper into the sustainability rabbit hole. 

Here we are today. 

Helping some 300 people wash their faces with wipes which are uniquely theirs, and don’t take 400 years to decompose. 

And I’m only getting started. 

My art described in one sentence :

A mission to save the world using funky prints. 

What inspires me :

A future where my children don’t die from fossil fuels and 1,134 people don’t get crushed to their deaths sewing clothes we throw out after 1 season, like we saw in 2013 with the tragic Rana Plaza Disaster. 

Upcoming Events :

Shop Eco Wipes from Refill Quarter (Belfast) or via Instagram (just drop me a DM!) 

Where you can find my work :

IG & Etsy: @strawdairy Eco Wipes catalogue on IG: @strawdairy_ecowipes


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