Editor’s Letter: Creation

For a long time now (In my long, long lifespan of nearly twenty three years) I have been itching to create something. Boxes of notebooks of novel ideas and four page poetic outpourings, half prit-sticked together zines, long drawn monologues about the state the world is in… the list goes on. The itch to create is one that cannot be scratched -unless you just bite the bullet and do it. I would need about 500 hands to count all the talented, opinionated, gifted people that I am lucky enough to know, and right now, at my kitchen table, I am hoping that The Jumble gives them a space to put their creations. I am hoping that it gives them, you, an outlet to publish what you are proud of , and have it reach new audiences so that we can all sit back, relax, have a hot drink and feast our eyes upon all the things we are capable of. To you, the reader, the creator, get involved. I can’t wait to see what you have to offer .

Take care ,



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