By Daniel Healy

Alkaloid warmth, broth I ponder,
The sweetness, of my caffeine enriched meander,
Surging, inciting, faro-style heat,
My thoughts are racing for a quick sneak-peak,
For enticing mania, xanthine induced,
Brings cups full of brilliance in one dehydrated loop.
For a contraindicated, syncopated, heartbeat that’s endured,
A smiling blue sky, a dachshund that’s yours,
On top of a hill, a floral chorus sing,
Opportunities are but a fleeting thing.
But down comes a tumble, and like Jack and Jill,
Comes rolling down with a shrieking shrill,
The missteps of finding Havana at desk-side,
To try and awaken that slumber induced side-eye,
But for the lashings of sweat that sure do come soaring,
I’ll be sure to repeat it all again in the morning


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